Ideal for individual or small business on low budget.


You can choose one Magento 1 and one Magento 2 version.

Version  and 2.2.2


The PHP version will be pre-selected depending on the Magento version you are trying to install. However, you are able to change it and choose between the following versions.

5.6, 7.0


We are using MariaDB as a standard daemon. With MariaDB we are able to provide you the best performance and the possibility to re-build your Magento box as fast as possible.


You can install any module from Magento Connect or with Composer.

Sample Data

Sample data such as products, categories and customer registration allows you to test with " real data ".


A web-based SSH and SQL allows you to get 100% control on your Magento box.

  • 2 Magento boxes
  • Choose out of 2 Magento versions
  • Alpine Linux for best performance
  • Optimized PHP-FPM for all Magento version
  • MariaDB for best stability

$9 / month

If you are not satisfied, you can cancel any time during your membership term.

Need more? We can arrange a custom plan for your company. Please email us at