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Magenizr allows you to create multiple Magento 2 or 1 boxes online. In just few easy steps you can build a ready-to-use Magento environment for different purposes, such as module testing or scoping.

With Magenizr, you save time and no more worry about breaking your development environment during module testing.

Getting started is as simple as creating an email account. Free 14-day trial, no credit card required.

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What is Magenizr?

Magenizr is a plattform built for Magento developers, architects and consultants. It allows every team member to create a standardized Magento 2 or 1 box within few minutes. Furthermore, you can install any module from Magento Connect or via Composer with just few clicks.

Magenizr gives you the flexibility to test everything before implementing it on your client environment.

Every Magento box is available via its own sub-domain that can be shared with your team or clients.

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Magenizr comes with a bunch of features that allow you to create your custom Magento 2 or 1 environment in just few minutes.

1. Dashboard

All your custom Magento 2 and 1 boxes listed with information about their status and installed modules.

2. Modules

The installation of modules is automated. You can install any modules from Magento Connect, Github or Bitbucket with just few clicks.

3. Logs

General and module specific logs helps you to identify any type of issues.

4. Automation

Everything is automated which allows you to work on other tasks while Magenizr is building your Magento box.

5. Time & Budget

Save time and money by choosing the right modules for your project.

6. Availability

Boxes are accessible from everywhere. You can share it with your clients, project managers or developers.

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